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Design also for you: clothing, shoes, jewellery, bags and accessories from famous brands and designers.

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1stdibs European union shopDanish shopSwedish shopGerman shopBritish shopUS shopDutch shopFrench shop

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1stdibs is the world leading market place for beautiful things from around the world. They offer exclusive pieces of furniture, art, jewelry and fashion for you. At 1stdibs, we’re here to connect the world’s best dealers, finest shops and most … Read more

Wenz European union shopGerman shop

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The online shop WENZ is much more than just a mail order company for clothing. Here you will find everything your desire: A large selection of jewelry, home furniture, decorative items and small furniture and gift ideas that complements the … Read more

Keller European union shopGerman shop

Visit shop >> is one of the leading online merchants for tennis equipment in Germany. They offer Tennis and running gear and equipment from a wide variety of brands at great prices.

Luxury Dogs European union shopGerman shop

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Luxury Dogs is a German online shop that offers stylish dog accessories for all skins. We offer cat and dog accessories at the highest level: fancy food bowls, dishes cool, stylish baskets, cat and dog clothing and precious necklaces – … Read more

BREE European union shopGerman shop

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Bree is a German brand that designs innovative bags with top quality materials, finishing, functionality, innovation, durability and real value for money. Bags are our business – they are the focus of everything we do at BREE. But we also … Read more