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Design also for you: clothing, shoes, jewellery, bags and accessories from famous brands and designers.

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1stdibs European union shopDanish shopSwedish shopGerman shopBritish shopUS shopDutch shopFrench shop

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1stdibs is the world leading market place for beautiful things from around the world. They offer exclusive pieces of furniture, art, jewelry and fashion for you. At 1stdibs, we’re here to connect the world’s best dealers, finest shops and most … Read more

Georg Jensen European union shopDanish shop

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Georg Jensen is a Danish luxury brand, with a heritage of unique design and craftsmanship rooted in silverware.

InWear European union shopDanish shop

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Danish brand InWear online store offers a wide selection of clothing for the discerning woman. Modern and elegant clothing is designed for transforming both the everyday and special occasions. Finishing Touches crown the feminine style.