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Furniture and accessories to create your own workplace.

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Vers US shop

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Vers is a company that designs energy efficient, sustainably built sound systems and accessories such as: radio, alarm clocks, Ipod/Ipad cases, headphones, etc. Back before Vers was even an idea, we had came to the realization that the world of … Read more

SWEDX European union shopSwedish shop

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Swedish company that supplies LCD-TVs, LCD monitors, Home-theater systems, keyboards and mice embedded all in wood. The concept of SWEDX is to create and develop unique products of natural character, optimal design and features, that doesn’t affect our environment. This … Read more

Livin European union shopFinnish shop

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Finnish on-line store that sells furniture and accessories for the home. Livin was born from the love of family and home. Beautiful objects for the home, and goods can bring joy and comfort to make life more beautiful. Similarly, some … Read more

Jasper Morrison European union shopBritish shop

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British company that offers products from around the world many of which have been designed anonymously but have about them a subtle quality which make them better everyday performers.

Panik Design European union shopBritish shop

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UK’s largest independent stockist of contemporary design, founded by Paul Overton in 2001. The company is family run and the name Panik originates from the names “Paul’, “Nic” and their son “Kai”. Paul’s extreme passion for design stems from his … Read more

Knoll US shop

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Online shop for the renowned design and furniture company Knoll. Explore 75 years of iconic Knoll design, from pioneering modernist vision to bold contemporary designs for home and office.

Johtoi European union shopFinnish shop

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Finnish company that offers a range of colourful cable products such as power cord extensions, lamps, and cable organizers.

Alessi shop European union shopBritish shop

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Italian brand Alessi own shop. Alessi presents a wide selection of innovative design products to buy online. Choose your favourite ones among a varied range of items for your kitchen, bathroom, office and the whole home. Alessi products are also … Read more

Johtojemma European union shopFinnish shop

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Finnish on-line shop that sells stylish and practical accessories for home electronics and cables organization. It offers products to suit all tastes, very colourful and trendy. European union shopFinnish shop

Visit shop >> is a Finnish specialty online shop focused on electronics, office furniture and ergonomics.